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4 Amazing Hollywood Tours

Hollywood Tours

Embark on Hollywood tours that transcend the clichés, taking you beyond the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theatre to reveal hidden gems and untold stories. While a do-it-yourself approach is an option. These handpicked Hollywood tours provide curated experiences, making your exploration more insightful and entertaining.

Best Hollywood Tours

These are some of Hollywood’s little-known gems

1. Starline Sightseeing Tours Hop-on Hop-off

Starline Sightseeing Tours operates an extensive network of double-decker bus circuits, covering the city from Downtown to Santa Monica. Unlike traditional tours, this hop-on-hop-off option offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor your journey. Buses arrive every 20 to 30 minutes at major attractions, featuring faux Robin Leach narration through headphones. The narration’s ritzy British accent adds humor, sharing intriguing Hollywood tales. With open-air upper levels providing fantastic views, this tour offers a fresh perspective, showcasing the natural and architectural beauty of L.A.’s attractive areas.

2. Hollywood Studios and TMZ Private Day Tour

TMZ’s Private Day Tour, easily recognizable with its bold TMZ lettering, promises an unforgettable experience. The lack of windows makes photography a breeze, and guides entertain with witty quips at celeb hot spots. Combining sightseeing, celebrity hunting (equipped with TMZ cameras), and a tribute to founder Harvey Levin, this tour offers a unique three-in-one experience. The engaging guides and irreverent videos ensure entertainment, even for those outside the TMZ universe.

3. Hollywood Boulevard Prime Time Van Tour

Stroll Hollywood Boulevard, and you’ll encounter enticing offers for discounted van tours. Despite being a simple alternative to navigating Hollywood’s traffic. These canopy-topped vans often skim the surface, offering glimpses of celebrity homes without deeper insights. While practical and cost-effective for capturing tourist highlights. These tours may feel like the roadside motel of Hollywood exploration when compared to more luxurious options passing by.

4. Philip Mershon’s Felix in Hollywood Tour Company

Philip Mershon’s Hollywood tour unfolds within a quarter-mile radius of Sunset Blvd and Gower St, steering clear of the typical tourist spots. While neglecting the Walk of Fame and Hollywood Sign. Mershon immerses you in the history of Hollywood studios and their iconic contributions. Despite some buildings being deteriorated or repurposed, Mershon’s storytelling, fueled by old photos and his voice, creates a vivid journey into Hollywood’s past. This tour offers a meaningful and engaging connection to the entertainment industry’s history, making it a distinctive experience for those seeking more than just ticking off attractions from a checklist.

Unveiling Hollywood

In a landscape where the cinematic and the real intertwine. These tours serve as gateways to stories untold, providing a richer understanding of Hollywood’s evolution. So, as you navigate the streets where dreams are crafted and stardom is born, remember that Hollywood, with its myriad tales and hidden gems. Awaits the curious traveler willing to peel back the layers into its fascinating history.